Class activities & homeworks: 40%

Midterm exam: 25%

Final exam: 35%


Weekly Program

  1. Introduction to the course & softwares throughout the course
  2. Review Topics in Windows Basics; Software Application: Word Processing - Class Activity 1
  3. Software Application: Excel Spreadsheets (Formulas) - Class Activity 2
  4. Software Application: Excel Spreadsheets (Graphics) - Class Activity 3
  5. Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD), Basic Autocad Commands & GUI - Class Activity 4
  6. 2 dimensional CAD draing techniques, (trim, extend, offset, fillet) - Class Activity 5
  7. Layers management in Autocad.
  8. Mid Term
  9. Graphic Design: User interface, basic drawing tools in Adobe Illustrator - Class Activity 6
  10. Graphic Design: Type tools and commands in AI
  11. Graphic Design: Page attributes and layout management in Adobe Illustrator -  Class Activity 7
  12. Graphic Design: Layers Management in AI - Class Activity 8
  13. Graphic Design: Import and export to/from other file types
  14. Graphic Design: Integration of all formats and file types in a single frame for presentation and creating final poster output.

 Final exam will be announced after the classes end.

Supplementary course materials

Tutorials videos and files will be given throughout the course.

Course has a moodle page, it will be used for announcements, homeworks, classworks and many other activities. So you are required to follow it regularly, not to miss any up to date information.